SHOES 101: Take the best care of your footwear

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by Tara Franco


Like everything else in your closet, your shoes need care to last season after season. Check out our list of steps to make sure your shoes stay in shape.


It may seem counterintuitive to polish and condition them before you’ve even worn them, but it will help protect them and get you in the habit of polishing, or at least revving them down, each time you wear them out.


To avoid odour and permanent damage, dry your shoes as soon as you have a chance after they get wet. Use newspapers to absorb moisture by scrunching up pages and placing them inside the shoes.


Avoid drug store polish that often comes with its own sponge applicator. The applicator itself could contain harmful chemicals that could damage the shoes.


Before wearing new shoes and boots, cover the leather soles with rubber soles to increase traction and protect the leather.


Certain styles of footwear don't necessarily need to be pristine. If you're after the rough-around-the-edges look, exposure your shoes to the elements more and let them age gracefully.