Suit Up with Grant van Gameren

Suit Up with Grant van Gameren
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photography by Norman Wong


The first in a photo series by Norman Wong, Chef Grant van Gameren (Bar Isabel, Bar Raval, Harry’s Charbroiled) talks about the importance of customer service, what he thinks of fashion and why this suit isn’t the last one he’ll get from Sydney’s.


Sydney’s: How did you learn about the shop?

Grant van Gameren: I’ve been shopping at Sydney's for so long I don't think I can remember what first brought me there. Although I do remember buying at least one pair of jeans on my first visit.


What keeps bringing you back?

For me, I'm all about the curated experience for the individual. The staff always gives me the one-on-one type of service and makes sure that I always get the right pieces. There's no up-sell, and no tag lines, and they never make me feel pressured to leave without buying something.


What was your suit (seen the photos) for?

I've bought a few suits from there over the years. The one in question was a white and grey corded cotton suit with the classic white Sydney's shirt and silver grenadine tie, for my wedding.


Shop Sydneys Toronto presents Grant Van Gameren wedding suit


What is fashion about for you?

For me, I tend to invest in more expensive things that I will wear for years. And what I like about Sydney's clothing selection is that most of, if not all, the pieces are timeless. I have been wearing the same linen button-ups from there going on 5 years now and they always feel in style.


How do you choose the things you wear?

Durability and cut. I've always felt Sydney makes clothes that fit my body perfectly and hold up to the abuse that I put them through.


What does your every day "look" look like?

Pair of jeans and a white t shirt


Would you have other suits made?

Absolutely. I'm not going to stay skinny forever!


Would you have done anything differently?

Not a chance.

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