Traditional Bespoke Garments

Traditional Bespoke Garments
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Sydney personally works closely and collaboratively with all clients to realize their vision and to make sure their expectations are met.

For each client, a unique pattern is created built to the client’s exact measurements and preferences. Fabrics are selected through consultation and collaboration to meet individual requirements. There are no limits to customization and at Sydney's, the approach to each bespoke suit is unique; for example, lapel and shoulder widths are considered per the client's proportion (for example a smaller head warrants a smaller lapel, a larger head, a larger lapel) versus the myth that a wider lapel is suitable for all body types. Ultimately a bespoke tailor is seeking balance and harmony in the garment with the client’s proportions. 

Typically 6 or more fittings are to be expected throughout the process to ensure the perfect fit. After 6,000+ hand-stitches and more than 60 hours of work, the end result is like no other garment. The foundations of each jacket is full horse hair canvas for a long-lasting garment, cotton shoulder pads, sleeve heads and hand-bound button holes to illustrate the attention to detail and level of expertise in each hand-crafted bespoke piece.

Traditional Bespoke suits, start from $5000. To begin your traditional bespoke experience Book an appointment or call at 416 603 3369.



In an industry rife with buzzwords, and often charlatans, it's important to avoid tricksters who use the language and don't deliver the goods.

What to avoid:

  1. Garments made overseas
  2. Fused garments
  3. Synthetic fabrics
  4. A menu of options versus full-customization
  5. Limited fittings 

The team at Sydney’s works closely and collaboratively with all clients to make sure their expectations are met and their vision comes to life. 

If you have any questions about suits and services we provide check out our FAQ or feel free to email us or call at 416 603 3369.


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