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5 QUESTIONS FOR Tony Romano, visual artist

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by Lisa Mesbur     photography courtesy of Clint Roenisch Gallery


If you by chance wandered into Toronto’s Clint Roenisch gallery this past winter, drawn by a series of brightly painted, large-scale metal sculptures placed against a backdrop of deep sky blue, then you’re already familiar with the work of Tony Romano. Romano, a multidisciplinary artist who has exhibited both nationally and internationally since 2002, creates large-scale installations that deftly utilize diverse media to create an immersive, always-entertaining experience. (Case in point: a recent video piece features disembodied tools that dismantle and reconfigure a dilapidated Canadian military vessel into sculptural objects and functional furniture, all set to an old-timey waltz – which the viewer can watch from an ornate wrought iron bench made by Romano himself).

Although Romano has no shows coming up immediately, we’re pretty sure that given his stellar track record of making art that captivates and provokes, whatever comes next will be worth looking out for.

Sydney's: Who are you?

Tony Romano: I’m a Toronto-based artist currently working in film and sculpture. I’m represented by Clint Roenisch Gallery.

Are there any themes or recurring ideas that show up in your work? 

 I guess it’s always experimenting with different forms of storytelling, whether it’s in the narrative of the film or sculpture.

What are your current obsessions or interests?

I am constantly obsessed with mules. 

Do you have favourite mediums that you work in?

I don't have a favourite medium — the idea kind of chooses the best medium to express itself.

What are you currently working on?

I've begun filming a short experimental 16 mm film, and I’m working on developing a new feature film.

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