INSPIRATION: The Gnarled Branch

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09-Not-the-Gardener-David-Irvine-Gnarled-Branch-Upcycled-www-designstack-coWe came across the Re-directed art series by David Irvine at the Queen West Art Crawl in Toronto a couple of years ago and we're still loving it! Based in Brampton, Ontario the artist re-contextualizes and re-works thrift store art with his dark sense of humour. Scouring thrift shops, yard sales and salvaging curb finds, Irvine paints in his own characters, unusual imagery or pop culture icons to give tired pieces a renewed life.

In his artist’s statement, Irvine says "in every Re-Directed painting that he does, David will never paint over the existing signature and depending on the project will adapt the traits of the original (colouring, lighting, brushstrokes etc.) or will go in a complete opposite direction and achieve a high contrast in imagery. Whichever style he uses, these neglected, awaiting potential landfill paintings, are now given a second chance… "All images via the Gnarled Branch.


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