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SUIT UP! with Kenneth Montague and Aman Mangat

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by Tara Franco

The fourth instalment in our photo series (shot by Norman Wong), new Dad, notable art collector and dentist extraordinaire Kenneth Montague and his partner in crime at Word of Mouth Dentistry Aman Magnat, talk about how honesty is truly the best policy.

Sydney’s: How did you learn about us?

Kenneth Montague: Sydney Mamane is a longtime client at my clinic Word of Mouth Dentistry. Over the years he has referred many great people to us — mostly urban creatives and ‘makers’ like himself.

Aman Mangat: Sydney is a client and patron of the clinic I work at. We struck up a conversation on the the music playing in the clinic, about punk and rock ’n roll, and then fashion. The rest is history. 



What did you like best about your Sydney's experience?

KM: The personal touch. Sydney is a hands-on type of clothes maker. He is unafraid to criticize with the aim of getting your look right.

AM: His discerning sense of style and a curated experience. Sydney knows his craft, and reads his clients well, and can size up what will complement someone best and look good.

What was your suit for?

KM: A big Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) opening and reception.

AM: My son’s Lohri party — picture a mid-January Punjabi party and celebration with your closest people, fire, food and Bhangra music.

Have you worn it since then?

KM: Oh yes!

AM: Naturally.

How often do you wear your suit?

KM: I wear my grey Sydney's suit about once a week, and get it dry cleaned and pressed regularly.

Where have you worn it?

KM: I have dressed it up to attend a wedding and dressed it down for a feature about my loft in Toronto Life.

Any interesting stories about your suit?

AM: On hearing the reason for me looking at his suits, Sydney clearly understood the need for a suit with form and function — a suit that has a classic, clean style and can hold up to Bhangra dancing necessitates some customization that needs a personal touch. He got the culture.

How do you choose the things you wear?

KM: I am always true to my body type and facial form. You can't fit a circle into square.

AM: I gravitate to simple clean lines, and comfort.  At the same time, because of the nature of my work, things that are just durable; I will wear until worn out.

Would you have other suits made?

KM: Absolutely.

Would you have done anything differently?

KM: Perhaps a bolder colour next time, but the style will be the same — classic.

How did Sydney capture what you wanted to convey?

AM: Sydney and his team have cultivated a great client experience.  They ask the right questions, 'get' the details of what you’re interested in, and can distill that into something that works, all while remaining genuinely cool.

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