SUIT UP with Nicholas Shalagan

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by Tara Franco     photography by Norman Wong


The third instalment in our photo series, shot by photographer Norman Wong, we talk to Nicholas Shalagan, a business and strategy development specialist with a penchant for quality clothing, theatre and the accordion — obviously!

 Sydney’s: How did you learn about us?


Nicholas Shalagan: I learned about Sydney's from a friend of mine who has had a long career in the fashion industry when I was talking to him about where to get a suit for my wedding.

What did you like best about the whole suit experience?

My favourite part was the personalized attention Sydney and the staff provided throughout the process.

Details of Sydney's suiting

What was your suit for?

This was my wedding suit.

Have you worn it since then?


How often do you wear your suit?

I wear it for weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions. Currently this suit has been my go to item for going to the theatre as well. [Obviously] my wedding night has been the best night in my suit… Oh, I have also worn it to see my cousin dancing in Rusalka at the Met Opera.

Nicholas Shalagan shot by Norman Wong

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is a reflection of who I am. Growing up playing hockey I always believed that if you look good you play good. I think that this can be said for all aspects of life from going out with friends to business meetings. Wearing clothing that looks and feels great and reflects who I am allows me to make connections with people regardless of the situation I'm in. Ultimately, fashion gives me the energy and confidence to be myself.

How do you choose the things you wear?

I am very seasonal… I like to select a combination of two or three colours that allow my daily look to stay consistent.

How did Sydney’s capture what you wanted to convey?

I wanted a classic look on my wedding day and Sydney captured this with his attention to detail making sure my suit fit and looked perfect.

Would you have other suits made?


Would you have done anything differently?



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