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SUIT UP! with Owen Walker

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The fifth instalment in our photo series (shot by photographer Norman Wong) features Owen Walker from El Rey Bar in Kensington Market getting to the heart of the matter when it comes to his suit and his style.

Sydneys: How did you learn about us?

Owen Walker: I was first introduced to Sydney’s when it was on the south side of the street just west of where it is now (pre-fire days).  I was newly aware of Queen Street West and had just begun working at Coca and Cehozski.  I finally had some disposable income and was discovering the excitement of independent menswear providers.  Sydney’s was a strange and wonderful new world and quickly became a personal touch-point for me on my discovery of my own sense of style.

What do you like best about your Sydney's experience?

Sydney’s was a gateway for understanding for me… it was an introduction to a variety of styles, terms and the faces and names that went a long with them.  Beyond that however, it was a place I could comfortably go as a young man looking to learn more about fashion, and become comfortable with my own body.  Comfort and a sense of community is the reason I return to Sydney’s, even if it’s just to say hi.

What was your custom suit for?

Everyday. It was really the first casual two piece I’ve ever bought [and was made to measure]. It really marked a period in my life, where needing a suit was becoming more important in my everyday life. I wear the jacket much more frequently than the pants, but it has definitely gotten some mileage. I tend to wear my suit to trade tastings, dinners and events that require a little extra attention beyond the normal denim and button up. 

How do you choose the things you wear?

Fashion is really the extension of my own personality.  It is a great communicator of how I’m feeling on the daily. The clothing I choose to wear is more or less a direct representation of my personal condition. I am an emotional person, and the clothing I choose to wear definitely reflects that. 

What is your every day look?

It's pretty evolving, but I am typically in a pair of Officine Creative boots, “painted on” denim, and either a linen button up with the sleeves rolled up, or a local café or restaurant t-shirt. 

Will you have other suits made?

I will definitely be back for another suit when the time is right. 

Would have done anything differently?

Not a chance.


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