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SUIT UP: with Tom Keogh and Paul McClure

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In the sixth and final instalment of our made-to-measure suit series (shot by photographer Norman Wong) we had a chance to catch up with Tom Keogh (director of international business development at Bruce Mau Design) and his husband Paul McClure (Professor of Jewelry Arts at George Brown and Governor General Award recipient). We talked to Tom about style, suits and the hot heat of summer. 

How did you learn about Sydney's?

I was introduced to Sydney before Sydney’s. We are friends, in the same social circles

What did you like best about your Sydney's experience?

Knowing that I was in expert hands.  Knowing that I was investing in quality.

What was your suit for?

My wedding.  My husband and I both had 3-piece suits made.


Have you worn it since then?

So many times. In both business and social contexts.  I’ve had the suit for 8 years - it still looks great and is in great condition. It's very flexible. Usually I’ll pair the jacket with a pair of jeans and shirt or t-shirt, sometimes I’ll wear it as a 2-piece for more formal occasions.  And once in a while, I’ll do the full 3-piece shebang.  I enjoy putting it on every time. 

Any interesting stories about wearing your suit?

There was a heatwave around the time of our wedding, so the three-piece wool suit’s first outing was all day outdoors in 30-something degree weather.

What does your every day "look" look like?

Jeans, casual shirt, shoes or trainers.

Would you have other suits made?

Definitely.  It was a great experience, and an excellent product- which I still have 8 years later, and going strong.

Would you have done anything differently?

Maybe we should have had matching fans made for the 30-something degree wedding!

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