Sora Musubi Vase

$309 CAD $600 CAD

An artisanal hand-turned vase for displaying fresh flowers inspired by the Five Elements.

“Musubi” is the Japanese word for the spiritual power of growth that is found in all natural things. Inspired by this philosophy, the Musubi vase collection displays fresh-cut flowers with the same dynamic grace as if they were still growing in the earth. Each vase is hand-turned and carved from Japanese Zelkova wood, which is traditionally used to make Taiko drums and furniture.

Each style is designed in a form inspired after one of the Five Elements, with Sora (or Void) representing the things beyond our everyday experience, like spirit, thought, and creative energy. Perfectly symmetrical and smooth to the touch, this stunning piece is a testament to the perfection that can be achieved by a pair of human hands.

Materials: Zelkova Wood
Dimensions: Height: 5”, Diameter: 4 ¾”
Care: Hand-wash with mild soap. Use a clean cloth to remove dust from exterior surface, wiping gently. 

Made in Yamanaka, Japan.

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