Black Deerskin Wool Lined Gloves

Black Deerskin Wool Lined Gloves - Sydney's, Toronto, Bespoke Suit, Made-to-Measure, Custom Suit,


$149.00 CAD

Geier Deerskin Leather Gloves

  • Genuine Deerskin leather
  • Wool lined
  • Made in the USA

Established in 1927, Geier Glove Co. has been producing some of the world’s finest leather gloves used for hunting, fishing and other winter activities where warmth is absolutely essential. Geier’s attention to detail with regard to fit, wear, and comfort making their gloves synonymous with quality and durability.

Their no-nonsense approach to design and use of the best leathers makes them a perfect fit with Sydney’s brand selection.

All Geier products are made with pride in the U.S.A.

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