Vintage Parachute Tote Bag, Olive

$40 CAD

A light everyday or travel tote bag fabricated from upcycled vintage parachutes. 

Puebco's upcycled application of Yuzudo's parachute for reuse and fabrication of the tote bags, each piece is individual and unique.  There may be 'wabi sabi' elements to each piece and should not be viewed as imperfections.  Instead, these should be appreciated as characteristics and personalist of the fabric.

  • Dimensions 18" length x 20" wide
  • Zipper closure
  • Olive upcycled 100% nylon parachute fabric

Due to nature of upcycling and the fabric, there are individual differences in color and texture. There are times when tears and holes are opened by use and washing. Each piece is unique and we have done our best accurately  portray the product. 

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