Q: What exactly is bespoke? 
A: Bespoke is individual and distinctive. The garments created are not selected off a menu of elements, but are tailored to a client’s sensibility. And unlike made-to-measure, the process is overseen step-by-step by the design team, providing guidance at every stage. Keeping the creative tight and controlled — and at Sydney’s, in Canada by master tailors — is key to an exceptional end results. Learn more here.
Q: What is made-to-measure?
A: Made-to-measure suits are custom-made according to the client’s precise measurements, in a fabric and with the tailoring details according to the client’s selection.
Q: Where are your made-to-measure suits made?
A: All of our made-to-measure suits are entirely made in Canada, with pride.
Q: Can I buy an “off-the-rack” suit online? How does that work?
A: Absolutely. It’s important to understand your measurements before placing your order and our team is happy to help you. Contact us through our social channels or by giving us a call and we can walk you through how to take your correct measurements so you can buy the suit that’s right for you.
Q: How do I care for my suit properly?
A: In short, hang it up after every wear, dry clean only when necessary and make sure to remove the plastic when it comes back from the cleaners as the plastic can emit fumes and weaken the fibres. Get more details here.