Suit Care 


All of our tailored goods are made with pride in Canada. 

Your Sydney's garment is exemplary of a proud legacy in exhibiting the utmost of care and meticulous detail.

If you care for your tailored garments properly, they should last many years, giving you greater wearability and a look of style that is timeless.

How to care for your tailored garment

  1. After every wearing, hang up your suit jacket on a wide hanger to retain the shoulder shape. Leave the suit jacket buttons undone when being stored in your closet. Fastening the buttons of the suit jacket can warp the suit canvas.  
  2. To maintain a just pressed look be sure the creases in the pant legs line up when over the pant bar of the suit hanger.
  3. Steam your tailored garments, rather than iron, only when needed. 
  4. Dry clean only when necessary (only when the garment begins to stink) and only a few times a year.  Excessive cleaning can caused tailored garments to lose their shape and potentially damage of fade the fabric due to the heat used in the dry cleaning process.  
  5. Always dry clean the suit jacket and trouser together. 
  6. Remove the plastic covering used by dry cleaners.  Plastic emits fumes that can weaken the fibers.