Fir and Walnut Wood Roly-Poly Lamp

$480 CAD

Light up your life.

Designed by Rie Isono, Akarino-Tane's 'Roly-Poly' lamp came about when she had to put her child to sleep and would fall asleep herself during the process.  It is designed to light up when rocked slightly and it automatically turns off after 15 minutes.

The hand made wood turned fir shade is thin enough to let light shine through it and gives off a dim rouge hue as the bulb gradually glows brighter. Fir wood is a strong wood that is usually used in construction and is naturally durable.  The design showcases the beauty of fir wood's white wood colour and when dimmed with light, it creates a pale pink color warming the atmosphere of a room.

It's natural organic shaped reminiscent of an acorn and the skill required to execute this object is intoxicating.

Self-taught in woodworking, Hiroyuki Inoue started Akarino-Tane with the help of his wife Miyuki in 2006 after inheriting his grandfather's studio. As the chairman of the Asahikawa Craft Association, Hiroyuki is compelled to revitalize the Asahikawa region as a whole, of which displays an abundance of skilled woodworkers. Additionally, with his children on his mind and as a representative of the Codo-Mono-Coto group, his passion also lies in the research and development of children's products to enhance their every day growth and enrich their lives.

Product Details

  • Design: Rie Isono
  • Manufacturer:Akarino-Tane
  • Made in Japan
  • Fir wood shade and Walnut wood base
  • Battery operated, activated by gently rocking the lamp
  • Dimensions: 3.7” (w) x 3.7” (l) x 4.7" (h) or 95mm (w) x 95mm (l) x 120mm (h)

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