Daniel Gruetter Furniture

Black Cherry Donut Ring Lid 4" Dry Vase

$159 CAD $300 CAD
Daniel Gruetter's Black Cherry Wood vessel presents new perspectives to local hardwood.  Hardwood is sensual and Daniel wanted to emphasize the tactile nature through form, design and expression. The donut ring lid vessel is handcrafted and hand turned on a wood working lathe. The result is a unique vessel with a beautiful organic form that entices the senses. 

An object of tremendous beauty, this vessel can be displayed as an object on its own, or as a dry bud vase. It can also be used as a vessel to store your items. The 'donut' lid carries substantial weight and speaks to one's tactile senses. 

Each vessel begins with seasoned hardwood; this type of wood allows for the parts to organically fit together with no distortion.  
Each vessel is then hand finished with an oil varnish mix.  Inspired by ceramic glazes, Gruetter object dipped the Black Cherry wood vessel into an ebonization solution to create a natural reaction that produces a soft edged ombre effect.  The result brings new life and new perspective to the local hardwood.

  • Dimensions 4" tall
  • Black Cherry Wood
  • Exclusive to Sydney's - only 3 produced

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