Handcrafted Chocolate Square, Genmaicha

$3 CAD

This bar is a playful take on Beauregard's chocolatier's favourite Japanese tea; Genmaicha. Known as “the people’s tea” this combination of Green tea leaves and toasted brown rice has a distinct nuttiness now popular throughout Japan. Toasted brown rice acts for a base for white chocolate, eliminating the need for any dairy. Pure matcha powder is added at the end of grinding to maintain its vibrant flavour and colour. Finally, puffed brown rice is folded in before casting the bars for an intense, satisfying, crunch.

Please note, these are sold per piece.

Beauregard chocolates barely last for us, but there are some storage tips:

  • Store the chocolate bars at room temperature (20-22 degrees C) away from direct sunlight or any source of heat or light
  • DO NOT store product in the fridge. Chocolate can take on the odor of other foods in the fridge and moisture will condense on the bars and destroy them
  • Chocolate melts at body temperature.
  • Avoid over handling the bars
  • We ensure the bars have a 8 month shelf life from the point of delivery

Allergy Information: Beauregard handcrafted chocolate is produced in a facility that also processes eggs, dairy, gluten, peanuts, nuts, and soy. Although great care is taken to prevent cross contamination, traces of these allergens may be present in our chocolate.

Contains Dairy Gluten Peanuts Tree Nuts Soy Vegan
75% Papua New Guinea X
Genmaicha X
Gianduja X X
S'mores X X
Nibbies ‘N’ Crème

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