Laminated Canvas Storage Bag

$70 CAD

Puebco's laminated canvas storage bag is designed to protect your contents by preventing yellowing over time and keeping bugs and moths away. These are a Sydney's favourite for storing your wool and cashmere knits. 

Featuring a zip closure and handles for easy carrying, this bag is the perfect alternative to a laundry basket or hamper. The laminated fabric makes it durable and sturdy.  Its ample size also accommodates bulk piles of clothing and linens, while keeping everything neatly contained. It can also be used for seasonal storage of clothing items.

  • Dimensions 7" height X 23" length. 15" width
  • PP Coated, Fabric-Cotton, Polyester
  • Simply zip up items in the cotton canvas bag for hassle-free organizing. Always store items clean. For seasonal storage, pack newly washed clothing and place in a dark, dry space.

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