Men's Heritage Wooden Oxhorn Beard Brush
Men's Heritage Wooden Oxhorn Beard Brush

Men's Heritage Wooden Oxhorn Beard Brush

$95.00 CAD

Men's Heritage Wood Oxhorn Beard Brush

  • Genuine horn and wood
  • Traditionally worked by hand
  • Made in Italy
  • Editor's note: horn objects need very little maintenance to remain intact in their natural beauty and companions of a lifetime. They require simple and irregular maintenance, which consists of rehydration to prevent it come apart. The most suited product to this task is the olive oil. Apply it from time to time on the horn and wipe it gently with a soft cotton cloth or chamois. After rehydration, you can wash with a detergent to remove surface oil and fast drying. Then you can finish with beeswax to give it a sleek and lightweight waterproofing.

Men's Heritage

Timeless objects, inspired by a universal elegance, soaked of a intimate luxury: Men's Heritage objects speaks for itself.

Men's Heritage reveals a collection of precious combs and shoehorns, traditionally worked still to hand by italian artisans, with their millenial traditon, coordinated to a unique offer of travel articles, toothbrushes with jewel handle, refined set manicure, rare shaving articles: masterpieces of the minimal luxury.