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Yakusaji 15 ml & 5ml Measuring Spoon Set

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Conte's Yakusaji stainless steel spoon is a multi-functional kitchen tool that can be used for measuring, scooping and stirring ingredients.

The spoon's name, Yakusaji, can be broken down from Japanese into 'Yaku' meaning 'approximately' or 'roles' in Japanese' and 'Saji' meaning spoons translates into a stainless steel spoon that is multi purpose kitchen tool.  It is a spoon to measure the volume of condiments to "approximation," and it plays various "roles" as not only a measuring spoon but also as a stirrer or a scoop.

The spoon's distinctive features include a long angled handle, which allows for a steady grip as a measuring tool and also enables it to be used for mixing spoon. The shallow head makes it easy to wash and clean, while the spoon measurement size is engraved at the handle for quick reference.  The 5 ml spoon small head size is perfect for small condiment jars.

Japanese brand Conte is known for their stainless steel production in the Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture. Their utensils are finished through an application of various specialised skills, are purposefully understated and designed to be essential kitchen tools. 

Product Details

  • Design: Ono Rina
  • Manufacturer: Conte
  • Made in Japan
  • Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: width 49.5 mm x diameter 213 mm x height 21 mm
  • Dimensions: width 35.5 mm x length 196 mm x height 15 mm


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