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Fujiyama 9.5 oz Clear Glass

Regular price $150.00 CAD

Sugahara Glasswork's Fujiyama glass transports you to the picturesque snow-cap mountain of Mount Fuji. 

Pour your favourite beer into the truncated cone design and watch the snow-cap of Mount Fuji appear. The glass features a wide base, narrow top and is presented in a limited edition solid Paulownia wood box. 

Designed by acclaimed designer Keita Suzuki and handblown by the master craftsman at Sugahara Glassworks, the Fujiyama Glass can be used for whiskey, bourbon, brandy or carbonated beverages.

Product Details:

  • Designed by Keita Suzuki
  • Maker: Sugahara Glassworks
  • Fabrication: Glass and Paulownia Wood
  • Capacity: 280 ml | 9.5 fl oz.
  • Dimensions: 8.8 × H7.5 cm | 3.5 × H3 in
  • Made in Japan


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