Suit Services FAQs

Q: What is Traditional Bespoke? 
A: Bespoke is individual and distinctive. The Traditional Bespoke pieces we make are not from a selection of pre-set styles, but are tailored to a client’s sensibility. Unlike other services the process is overseen step-by-step by our design team, providing guidance (to you) at every stage. Traditional Bespoke Suits are hand-made with every detail hand-stitched. The process can take up to six to eight months. Controlling the creative process and having each piece made by Master Tailors right here in Canada is key to an exceptional end result. Learn more about our Traditional Bespoke suits here.
Q: What is Contemporary Bespoke?
A: Contemporary Bespoke suits are similar to made-to-measure garments. Our Contemporary Bespoke Suits are custom-made according to your precise measurements and postural assessment. You choose the fabric/lining and tailoring details according to the look you want to achieve. Our Contemporary Bespoke suits offer a wide array of customization options. Learn more about Contemporary Bespoke suits here.


Q: What is a Custom Suit?
A: Our Custom suit service provides our clients the ability to customize their suits through a selection of fabrics and detailing. We can also customize sizing of separate garments. We tailor all our suits according the your specifications. Learn more about Custom Suits here.

Q: What is a Ready-to-Wear Suit?
A: Our Ready-to-Wear suits are garments that are produced for off-the-rack purchase. We have partnered with local garment producers and have designed and developed our own exclusive fit. We will alter these suits in-house to fit you perfectly. All of our suits are produced in Canada using Italian fabrics. Learn more about Ready-to-Wear suits here.

Q: Where are your suits made?
A: All of our suits are made in Canada with our Traditional Bespoke suits made in-house. 
Q: Can I buy a “ready-to-wear” suit online?
A: Absolutely. It’s very important to know your measurements before placing your order. Contact us through our social channels or by giving us a call and we can walk you through taking your measurements so you can buy the suit that’s right for you. All this being said, we do recommend you stop by the shop to ensure the perfect fit. 
Q: How do I care for my suit properly?
A: Hang it up after every wear on the hanger provided by us. Dry clean only when necessary and make sure to remove the plastic when it comes back from the cleaners as the plastic can emit fumes and weaken the fibers. Get more details here.
Q: How are your suits made?
A: All of our suit jackets and sport coats are a half-canvas or full-canvas construction. This means there is a piece of canvas running between the outer fabric layer and the inner lining. We do not produce any fused items.

Q: Where are alterations being completed?
A: All alterations are completed in-house.

Q: What kind of fabrics are you using?
A: We offer a huge range of fabrics from the best mills in Europe.

Q: How long does it take to make a suit?
A: We offer different suit services (see here), each with a unique timeline.
Ready-to-Wear: approximately one week with alterations (wedding/holiday season is closer to two weeks with alterations)
Custom: two to three weeks
Contemporary Bespoke: seven to ten weeks
Traditional Bespoke: at least four months, heavily depends on what garment is being made

Q: How many fittings per process?
A: Depending on which suit service you choose this will dictate the amount of fittings. 
Ready-to-Wear: one to two fittings
Custom: one to two fittings
Contemporary Bespoke: two to three fittings
Traditional Bespoke: six+ fittings

Q: Do you accommodate wedding parties?
A: Of course! We can help everyone individually or we can work with the group. If you are planning on bringing a group in please set up an appointment. 

Q: Do you offer custom shirts?
A: Yes we do, we offer a wide selection of fabrics and customization options. This process takes between three to five weeks. Please set up an appointment for this service.
Q: Do you offer suit rentals?
A: No we do not offer rental services. We are happy to work within a budget and will do our best to achieve the final look you are looking for. 


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