Traditional Bespoke Suits



Sydney himself works closely and collaboratively with all clients to realize their vision and to make sure their expectations are met.

For each client a unique pattern is created. It is drafted to reflect the client’s exact measurements, posture and fit preferences. Fabrics are selected through consultation and collaboration with us to meet your style requirements. There are no limits to customization and at Sydney's the approach to each bespoke suit is unique; for example, lapel and shoulder widths are selected per the client's proportion (a smaller head warrants a smaller lapel, a larger head, a larger lapel) versus the myth that a wider lapel is suitable for all body types. Ultimately, a bespoke tailor is seeking balance and harmony between the garment and the client’s proportions.

Multiple fittings, at least 5, are required throughout the process to ensure the perfect fit. After 6,000 hand-stitches and 60 hours of work the end result is like no other garment — full horse hair canvas for a long-lasting garment, cotton shoulder pads and sleeve heads and hand-bound button holes to illustrate the attention to detail and level of expertise in each hand-crafted bespoke piece.

The Traditional Bespoke garment process takes 4+ months.

To begin your Traditional Bespoke experience Book a Complimentary Consultation or Call 416 603 3369



In an industry rife with buzzwords, and often charlatans, it's important to avoid tricksters who use the language and don't deliver the goods.

What to avoid:

Garments made overseas
Fused garments
Synthetic fabrics
A menu of options vs. full-customization
Limited fittings
The team at Sydney’s works closely and collaboratively with all clients to make sure their expectations are met and their vision comes to life. 

We are happy to offer complimentary consultations on any of our suit services.



I just wanted to say thank you for helping me find a suit yesterday. I have been to a lot of different stores and none were able to provide the great service and enjoyable experience that both of you (and Zipper) offered yesterday. The whole wedding experience has been a tad overwhelming but yesterdays experience was memorable for me. Thank you for helping make some aspects of this journey pretty rad. Trying on a suit while Doggystyle played in the background is pretty awesome.

Sorry for keeping you behind yesterday and thanks for opening your store to us even though our budget wasn't the best, you both still went out of your way to help us.

Thanks for the great suit and even more for being fantastic people. 

I've been shopping here for over 10 years now! Sydney's is well known for being the best of the best, and for good reason. If you're looking for the best men's fashion in town, head to Sydney's. You'll be glad you did.

What’s not to love? Beautiful clothes, great quality materials, and all made in Canada.
The people who work here are so cool and stylish, and super friendly and knowledgeable, so I always feel like they’re advising without any pressure.
Five stars for sure.

The eponymous Sydney was working alongside us on the floor helping other customers the whole time. He is a true craftsman and his pride and quality are matched with a level of personal service that is clearly the hallmark of his brand.

The decor of the store was designed by Sydney’s partner, who was also in the store assisting in fittings and sales. She gave me a crash course in suit maintenance that was very informative when I checked out.

Whenever I was in the store, I was being fitted alongside repeat customers who have clearly developed a personal relationship with Sydney and his clothes. It made me feel that I was buying not just a suit, but a piece of this Toronto community. I can’t wait to show it off!

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