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Mushroom Knife with Brush

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A beautiful object for those who love shrooms.

Expertly crafted by hand, Iris Hantverk's hand made mushroom knife is intended for for mushroom hunting in the forest.

Crafted and designed with an ergonomically shaped birch wood handle, stainless steel blade, and natural horse hair bristles.  It is ideal tool for both mushroom picking and for cleaning mushrooms with its grip-friendly handle, and effective but soft brush.

The brushes are made by visually impaired craftsman and brings new dimensions to the concept of 'sensitively made by hand'.

Packed in a beautiful wooden tube, the mushroom knife has an , horsehair bristles and a stainless steel knife.

Brushes that give "hand-made" a new meaning

In the late 1900s century a small brush manufacturing started out in Stockholm. It was a successful movement so successful that it remains today. Now, as then, every brush is made by hand by visually impaired craftsmen. It brings new dimensions to the concept of sensitively made by hand.

All brushes are of exclusive design and made mostly from natural materials.

Product details

  • Material: Birch Wood and Horse Hair
  • Dimensions: L 19.5 cm x D 1.9 cm
  • Made in Sweden


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