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Seaweed Rhos Recycled Cotton Ribbed Socks

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Made in England since 1937, Pantherella socks are made in the Pantherella's Leicester, England factory by generations of skilled workers.  Pantherella socks are unrivalled for their quality, style and comfort.

Pantherella is committed to reducing their negative environmental impacts and continually improving their environmental performance. As part of this commitment, the have launched a Eco Luxe range. 

Knitted from luxurious yarn formed from recycled plastic (PET) bottles and recycled cotton waste, the Pantherella Eco Luxe 'Rhos' socks are designed to have minimal environmental impact, while maintaining their signature design and craftsmanship.

Leisure weight and super soft, in ocean inspired shades, the Rye socks do not compromise on style or the luxury finish associated with the finest socks in the world. The socks feature the famous Pantherella 'seamless' toe, for a virtually undetectable, extremely comfortable, flat seam.

Product details

• Material: 80% Cotton, 13% Polyester, 6% Nylon, 1% Lycra
• Sizing: UK Medium - fits 8.5 US Men's to 11 US Men's
• Made in the UK


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