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SIWA Black laundry box

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The ultimate accessory, Black SIWA laundry box.  Great to store clothes and to carry after washing.  Also ideal to store blankets, rugs or other items around the house. Due to careful construction and interior cushioning, the basket will maintain its shape and gentle appearance even when empty.

SIWA's paper collection, is produced by the Onao paper company in Japan and designed by superstar industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa. The remarkable aspect is the Naoron* paper itself, invented by Onao, which doesn’t rip, is highly water-resistant and can carry heavy loads (tested for up to 10 kgs/ 22 lbs).  Onao is a family run company, with more than 150 years of papermaking history in beautiful Yamanishi, a rural area near Mt. Fuji.  

*Please note that all items are either made of "soft Naoron" or "hard Naoron": "Soft Naoron" is made from wood pulp and polyolefin fibers - the paper quality is soft and supple; it is hard to tear and has excellent water resistance.  Eco-friendly "hard Naoron" has a paper texture (increases with use) and includes polyester fibers from recycled plastic bottles and textile products. Durable as well as highly water and tear resistant.

Product Details:
  • Dimensions 13" tall x 15"
  • SIWA paper
  • Made in Japan


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