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Modern Workwear: FOB Factory Japan

Modern Workwear: FOB Factory Japan

Denim's enduring appeal lies in its timeless quality and durability, making it a modern classic. Recognizing and investing in superior craftsmanship ensures that a pair of jeans or a denim jacket will stand the test of time. And over time any piece of quality denim attains a unique character as it ages gracefully. 
A meticulously crafted jacket and a pair of versatile jeans emerge as indispensable staples in any contemporary wardrobe. And helping denim lovers further refine their palate is FOB Factory , a brand based out of Okayama, Japan. The main premise of the brand remains fabric innovation and reimagining the military details through a modern lens. Their cuts, collars, buttons, and other intricate details exhibit their commitment to the craft. 
Since its inception in 1995, FOB has redefined the essence of artisanal denim. Embodying a blend of minimalism and intricate craftsmanship, each creation from the FOB Factory is a testament to the artistry of handcrafted excellence.
Rooted in textile innovation the FOB Factory meticulously selects organic cotton to weave fabrics that transcend time, boasting durability and ease of manipulation. Every stitch and every seam is meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art sewing machines, resulting in a rugged yet refined allure that speaks volumes.
Challenging conventional norms, the FOB Factory delves deep into the intricacies of denim craftsmanship, from weaving and cutting to the final manufacturing stages. Each process is executed with unparalleled precision, defying the limitations of traditional denim production.
Shifting away from mass production, the brand maintains a commitment to perfection, ensuring that each piece is meticulously refined to perfection. 
For instance, their rinsed indigo selvedge cinched-back denim jacket, a refined take on the classic. This piece boasts FOB Factory stamped steel buttons, a cinched back, and an M-shaped buckle pack. These integrated details come together seamlessly, making this jacket a must-have.
Other pieces pay tribute to vintage military uniforms, like the olive M-65 field jacket and the cotton field long-sleeve shirt. The fatigue shirt, also in olive, draws inspiration from classic US military and navy attire.  
Moreover, their repertoire includes an array of artisanal denim garments. Think of dark indigo denim shirts and coal miner jackets. If you're hunting for a pair of durable jeans, consider their Light Indigo Selvedge Denim Jeans. Crafted from their signature G3 denim, which is an original FOB Factory Japan woven fabric with Supima cotton.
This fabric boasts a rugged texture and is entirely original to FOB Factory Japan. It exudes a distinctive expression that distinguishes it from other denim available on the market.
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