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Care Tips for Your Tailored Garment

Care Tips for Your Tailored Garment

Best custom suits made in Canada. Locally designed and developed using Italian and English fabrics.Made-to-measure suits made in Canada, and designed in Toronto.

If you care for tailored garments properly they should last many years, giving you greater wear.

1. After every wear, hang up your suit jacket on a wide hanger to retain the shoulder shape.

2. To maintain a just pressed look be sure that creases in the pant legs line up when draped over the pant bar.

3. Make sure your trousers and jacket are not buttoned up when hanging

4. Dry clean very sparingly and only when necessary (smelly or dirty). Dry clean both pieces at once to ensure they wear the same way over time. Excessive cleaning and cause tailored garments to lose shape and potentially damage or fade the fabric due to the heat used in the dry cleaning process.

5. Remove the plastic covering used by dry cleaners. Plastic emits fumes that can weaken the fibers.

6. Make sure you keep your suit in the garment bag provided. This helps prevent against moths. If you have worn your suit to a party or an exceptionally hot day and you sweat a lot in it, let it air out for 24 hours before putting it back in the garment bag.

7. If your suit needs a little freshening or there are a few wrinkles you can hang it in the bathroom when you take a shower. The steam from the shower will do the trick. This is a great thing to remember when traveling.

8. If your suit needs to be ironed, please get it pressed professionally.


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